Window Refurbishment, Repair & Restoration

Sash Windows Expert offers an extensive window refurbishment service. Ranging from minor easing, maintenance and adjustment and draught sealing, through to double glazing conversion and total re-glazing.

Refurbishment/conversion represents an excellent value solution and is viable where your existing frames are in salvagable condition and the work represents a good long term solution. In many cases, we are able to replace recommend partial replacement and general refurbishment.
Draught sealing and double glazing existing single glazed windows is a perfect solution and, dependent on the condition and depth of the frames, we can convert single glazed windows into sealed unit double glazing.

We do this using a specialist jig, that enables us to create a deeper rebate into the frame, thus accepting the greater width of double glazing. The results are truly remarkable and bring new life to old windows, dramatically reducing heat loss and external noise. It also comes at a vastly more economic cost than full full replacement.

Futhermore, the process is carried out at your home, as our jigs are set up in our vans, enabling us to remove, treat and refit your windows without delay.

Apart from the obvious cost benefit, refurbishment of your existing windows or doors has other advantages. By carrying out this work the lifespan of your windows is greatly extended, the historical integrity of the building is preserved, the work can be completed without a lengthy manufacturing delay and most importantly, it is environmentally friendly.